Mahukan duit lebih? Baca ini…

Actually, formulanye simple je… just add new frens je… πŸ™‚ maksud add new fren ni ialah laman perhubungan sosial seperti Facebook, Hi5, Friendster, Tagged n etc…

alrite..simple idea in making money, fast return & big return with no risk..

b4 tiz , i rase u all never got any income from adding new fren..rite?

just bared in mind..what i want to show u all..very2 fantastic!!

let say, in a day kita add new fren:

tagged: 300 person
hi5 : 300 person

means, total per day u all already add 600 new frens… for a month…calculate like this,

600 x 30days = 18000 new frens

from that 18000 new frens, just assumed 0.5% success rate, people will follow u in this programme…

means 18000 x 0.5% = 90 person / month

next, u’ll got Hybrid Bonus which consist of PLAN A & B…

but 1st of all u’ll get Plan A Bonus (4 types)

1st bonus called as INTRO bonus: 90 x RM 266 = RM 23,940.00>>>
based on 0.5% success rate only!!

2nd bonus called as MGB bonus:135 x RM 399 = RM 53,865.00>>>
based on 0.5% success rate only!!

So, Total income for 1 month>>> RM 23,940.00 + RM 53,865.00 =
RM 77,805.00!!!>>>
based on 0.5% success rate only!!

And…Total for 1 year>>> RM 77,805.00 x 12 = RM 933,660.00>>>
based on 0.5% success rate only!!

but b4 u strt this programme, u need to register & get ur own internet biz centre (IBC) then only u can strt generate ur income…

IBC / Kedai maya ni ibarat u punye ofis / kedai u sendiri..if u want to start ur biz for sure u need an office or a shop rite? but tiz one is ur virtual office, u hv ur own ID & Password.. once u have it, it will easier ur business transaction & u all can manage ur account by urself…

yg paling best, even u all dekat zimbabwe pn, u all still can do this thing, as long as u’re connected to Internet..huhuhu πŸ™‚

more more more…. info please contact me on my facebook (Najihah Nazima Ghani) —- my email (


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